Cummins Power Generation is the only manufacturer in the world which produces all gensets parts under the same mark.
Gensets suitable for all use as well Standby, for continued employment. Open, queit ore queiter. .
All parts Cummins Genset are designed in order to increase efficiency, to enable lower cost
labor and maintenance service.
All components are designed and built to work together. The result?
Reduced installation time and rehabilitation of high system.
Cleanliness, efficiency, reliability and Sustainability. Cummins engines are in any type of mobile device in all world, by means of emergency in those works in agriculture up to 360 ton trucks for use in mines. You can find also in water with a full line of motors for tools like Yachte etc ...

Each engines is supported by Cummins Spare Parts and Services of give total customer support by more than 5500 locations worldwide, each hour and every minute of every day.
Created in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 2200 people. Our vocation: the control and protection of your low voltage electrical networks. Our indipendence allows us to have a long term vision and complete control of any decisions affecting our development.
Two specialist industrial divisions focusing on target customers and applications, our organisation is split into two separate manufacturing Divisions : SOCOMEC SCP, expert in protection and switching solutions and SOCOMEC UPS, the secure power supply specialist.
Socomec offers an entire range of control and protection components for the increased reliability and efficiency of your solar power applications.
Energy measurement for your existing installations.
A combination of optimised devices and measurement sensors for easy commissioning
To control, protect and guarantee the
safety of your electrical installation
Valvoline Premium Blue is designed for providing advanced performance of lubrification emissions for petrol engines, while involving all types of circulation Gases in the exhaust pipes (EGR) and Filters The Miscellaneous Oil (DPF).
When used in combination with oil-based low sulfur gives the product a long life and helps the engine a maximum sustainability.