Engineering Department

The activity of AMADEUS GROUP is supported by a highly qualified technical team, which has a wide experience in the installation of generating sets and power plants, in Maintenance , Supervision and technical assistance. The personnel have been tested and are certified for the professional level, the security measures and parameters conform to the national and international regulations. The certificates have been issued by IPIE (the Institute of Electrical Projects and Installations).

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation of different projects
  • Projecting of various objects in accordance with the investment level
  • Existing project development, etc.

Our technical team is composed of experienced and talented engineers, who have a vast knowledge in the electrical and mechanical areas. Our engineers are also very experienced on the installation, maintenance and technical assistance of power plants, generators, welding sets, industrial pumps, UPS, voltage regulators as well as other electronic equipment such as: control and command panels, synchronization panels, panels for inversion, automatisation and commutation, etc. Implementation of the work plan according to the technical proceduresand the security regulations for equipment with risk of electrical shock,high pressure, fire etc. Mounting, colaudation and operation of the transformer rooms, in fullcomply with all technical regulations. Calculation of the grounding protection and equipment supervision. Installation and intervention in high, medium and low-voltage switchgear rooms. Installations of panels of various power levels. Civil and industrial electrical installations.