Maintenance and Technical Support

Amadeus Group suggests regular maintenance contract for all kinds of generating sets, UPS or Voltage Stabilizers, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers and the experience of the technical team, in order to professionally prevent any malfunction or eventual problem. The maintenance contract is designed according to the operation mode of the device, service timetable and the corresponding working schedule, so that the maintenance can prevent possible defects as well as assuring optimal operation of the device for a long time.

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Monitoring equipment

This contract greatly reduced unnecessary and offers great advantages related to any technical issue or unexpected problem of your equipment. Moreover, by using modern logistic platforms and the availability of the necessary equipment, our company offers fast, dynamic Technical Support at any time, covering a wide intervention area, in order to solve any problem of the plants of their components professionally. This assistance is realized under the maintenance
contract either by assisting by phone or by on-site intervention. In any case the client has to provide with all the information available to them, for an efficient and qualitative intervention. In order to improve the maintenance of the installed equipment, our technical support also offers powerful accessories for monitoring, management and local and remote maintenance.

More user friendly than ever,the remote monitoring equipment , with its immediate alarm system, enables high responsiveness, independent of the installation site, and also immediate diagnosis from the installation analysis even by using a simply internet connection.The tele-management function allows remote comanding, from a computer, one or severall intallations that communicate with each other via their commanding pannels and digital controllers. These services make possible the knowledge of the operating status of your generator at any instant.In order to perform and to expand more the business, the qualified staff, the service in time, effectively, and also to realize the providing with continuous and high quality technical ratings, the company performed huge investment on stock of equipments, spare parts genuine coming over directly from manufacturing factories of the biggest manufacturers. In addition, to support all interventions, repairing, Amadeus Group realized large investment as well in specific tools, workshop, facilities, in order to fulfil requirements also in overhaul services. Our company detain a large service cars over than 15 vehicles (pick up, truck) creating necessary condition in intervention even in the most difficult access point of our area. Since its establishment, "AMADEUS GROUP" S.A has been engaged in providing with energy sources wherever it is needed. With its offices in Albania and Kosovo, and with a clear strategy based on the extension of market in region, it put itself in the leader's position of energy business in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.