Socomec Switching & Protection

We are wholly committed to providing you with the best response to your needs. This is why our commercial network is fully integrated and has a perfect understanding of your industrial situation.
And depending on the case, each of the departments involved in your project will work directly with you.
With SOCOMEC, you will always find the specialist contact you need right on your doorstep.

We offer you the widest and most varied range of switching and protection systems available: thanks to wide-ranging adaptation of standard references,our product families cover an extensive scope of
And since we use modular design as our basis, and offer a complete set of easy-to-fi t accessories, you can benefit from numerous additional functions, at the best possible price.



A high-tech organization at your service

Pierre Siat test laboratory

Since 1965, SOCOMEC has had an integrated test laboratory at the heart of its production site. This laboratory is a member of ASEFA (Association de
Stations d'Essais Francaise d'Appareils Electriques [French Association of Certifi ed Testing Systems]) and is accredited by COFRAC (Comite Francais d'Accreditation).
Now, you can benefi t from SOCOMEC's substantial expertise by having your own tests conducted within this specialist facility.
Our team of dedicated professionals will assist you in carrying out tests for compliance with French, European or world standards.

Teams of specialised designers, a highly integrated production and a dedicated sales network have led the SOCOMEC group to develop the most extensive ranges on the market for high-quality low-voltage industrial switching & protection components, as well as associated service and technical support.
This “Solutions for Control & Power” division is today centred on three distinct fields:

.low-voltage switchgear components,
.electronic control & protection,
.mounting & cabling, and integrated distribution systems.

Our solutions are in permanent evolution thanks to our customer contact, and are backed up by substantial R&D resources. For over 85 years our customer-partners have recognized the quality of our products, our attentiveness and adaptability to their requirements as well as our close involvement.


To control, protect and guarantee the safety of your electrical installation

Low voltage switchgear components, electronic control and protection, mounting & cabling and integrated
distribution systems: efficient and competitive ranges of standard products adapted to meet your specific installation and contribute to the safety measures of people and property



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