Socomec UPS

The distribution of electric power is affected by short and long term disturbances originating from the industrial and
atmospheric environment.
New IT processes must have a faultless power supply if they are to operate efficiently.Who can tell what the consequences
of failure in information systems may be considering the enormous role IT plays by in data processing ?
It is because we understand what you have at stake, and what would result from anything less than the highest quality power being supplied, that we offer you fail-safe solutions using the most advanced skills and state of the art technologies




Industrial processes

In many industries, the loss of quality (pharmaceutical industry) or simply the loss of material (food processing industries)
that are caused by unplanned production shutdowns can have enormous financial implications. This fully justifies implementing an adapted protective system. This protection is essential on “high risk” sites: refineries, nuclear power stations, etc. SOCOMEC UPS implements reliable solutions to guarantee the security of control rooms and installations.


The telecommunications environment needs secure AC power supplies, DC power supplies and harmonic compensation, all on the same site.
Having earned the exacting approval of the major global operators, SOCOMEC UPS protects cellular communication networks, satellite transmissions, dispatching centres, etc



To control, protect and guarantee the safety of your electrical installation

Low voltage switchgear components, electronic control and protection, mounting & cabling and integrated
distribution systems: efficient and competitive ranges of standard products adapted to meet your specific installation and contribute to the safety measures of people and property



PowerCommand software and networking tools let you easily manage on site and off site power systems from one location.


A variety of accessories, ranging from expanded fuel tanks to weather-protective enclosures are available for Cummins Power Generation gensets.


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